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Meet Your Housemate

Meet Your Housemate

Terms and Conditions:

‘Meet Your Housemate’ incentive for current tenants


Here at LEA Property Solutions, we believe that meeting and chatting to whom you will be living with, makes for a happier home and better well-being for our tenants. With this in mind, we are running an incentive for our current tenants to help us conduct viewings in your property in any available rooms (with the permission of the current occupant of the room of course). Not only will you have the opportunity to pick and choose who you will be living with (yes you can say no to anyone you don’t think will be suitable) but we would also like to reward you with a £35.00 gift card of your choice for doing so.

Current tenants can volunteer to meet prospective tenants at the property and conduct the viewing, but the following rules must be observed:

  1. Both parties must all adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear PPE where they feel necessary.
  2. PPE, sanitiser or any such cleaning products can be requested from LEA Property Solutions if the tenants feel necessary. LEA Property Solutions are happy to reimburse the tenants for any PPE, sanitiser or other cleaning products if they are unable to provide following a prior agreement between themselves and the tenant.
  3. Extra care should be taken to clean/ sanitize door handles or other surfaces that the prospective tenant may have touched during the viewing if gloves are not worn.
  4. The current tenant conducting the viewing will not receive the gift card until any rent arrears are paid in full.
  5. This incentive can not be used in conduction with our ‘refer a friend scheme’ the tenant may choose if they wish to accept this gift card or wait six months for the refer a friend fee to be paid.
  6. Whereby the viewing is successful, and the prospective tenant wants to take the room, pays the deposit and first month’s rent, the current tenant who showed them around will be given a £35 gift card of their choice. *

The gift card will be awarded to and reach the current tenant who is conducting the viewing within 7 days of the new tenant paying the first month’s rent, at the discretion of the company should any issues arise.

The gift card will either be dropped off at the property, posted or emailed, whichever is more convenient for LEA Property Solutions.

*the gift card can be the tenant’s choice providing it is easily accessible online for LEA Property Solutions to purchase. The gift card needs to be from a reputable company based in the UK that does not incur any additional charges other than the £35.00 when purchased.