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Just some of the glowing testimonials for LEA Property Solutions from past and current tenants.

Lucy at LEA Property is great. Exceptional care taken with everything they do.

Natasha Collier DR

Great service: Staff are polite, friendly, helpful and honest. A+++

Martin Foxton

IT Department

Delighted to be working with Lucy and the team

Richard Milner

Can’t recommend Lea Property solutions enough . They have been fantastic throughout the whole process. Very professional and communication has been amazing! Skye has been taking care of the whole process and went above and beyond to meet all my requirements. 5*. Thankyou all at Lea Property Solutions 🙂


Tenant from April 2024 - Current

It was great to be back with LEA as I had previously stayed in a property managed by them. Amazing service right from viewing the property till the shifting process. The team went out of their way to help me sort out some issues before moving in which shows their commitment towards the tenants and which is missing with the other agencies. Special thanks to Ellie for the smooth and quick onboarding process during my Move-in day. Room is in good condition and as advertised on the website. Thanks LEA team, much appreciate the support throughout.

Swastik Bhat Naik

Tenant from April 2024 - Current

The properties offered by LEA Property Solutions are INCREDIBLE. Very High Standards throughout from decor to asthetics. Love Them. Lucy’s knowledge in this everchanging industry is exceptional.

Lisa Catling

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation and commendation for the exceptional service provided by LEA Properties. As a tenant under their management, I have experienced nothing but professionalism, attentiveness, and a genuine commitment to ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of their tenants.

One of the most commendable aspects of LEA Properties is their unwavering dedication to promptly addressing any issues concerning the property. Whenever there has been a concern or problem, they have not only ensured its swift resolution but also taken proactive steps to follow up and ensure that the matter is fully resolved. This level of attentiveness and diligence is truly commendable and sets LEA Properties apart from other agencies.

While their protocols may be strict, I understand that they are implemented with the best interests of the clients in mind. This commitment to maintaining high standards ensures the comfort and satisfaction of all tenants, which is greatly appreciated.

Having experienced the transition of my landlord changing agencies, I can attest to the significant difference in the treatment of tenants and the standards of the property. It is evident that LEA Properties excels in providing superior customer service and upholding the quality of their properties.

I would wholeheartedly recommend LEA Properties to anyone seeking accommodation, particularly a shared house. They are a brilliant company with outstanding customer service, and I have been thoroughly impressed with my experience as their tenant. I must extend special recognition to Laura, who went above and beyond to personally assist me through recent incidents of my current agency. Thank you.

Once again, thank you to LEA Properties for their exceptional service and commitment to their clients. I am grateful for the positive experience I have had as a tenant under their management.

Leanne Bennett

Tenant from April 2023 - August 2023

LEA property were very swift in their responses while moving me in. Their process of onboarding was very good & precise for new tenant moving in or out. Thank you so much to LEA team & Ellie for my swift move out process as well & helping me with all queries.

Manish Paliwal

Tenant from September 2023 - January 2024

I’ve been working with Lucy at LEA Property Solutions now for 2 years. Lucy’s attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction are evident. She is proactive in anticipating potential challenges and providing solutions before they become issues. This proactive approach not only saves time but also ensures a seamless and stress-free experience.

I cannot express how impressed I am with her professionalism, expertise, and dedication. If ever I need guidance, I know Lucy and her team will go above and beyond to help, so I feel incredibly fortunate to know her. Thanks for having my back Lucy!

Leana Knight

Had a seamless experience with LEA Properties Solutions Ltd, their rental process was quite straightforward, staff was kind, courteous and professional, the property is well kept and very tidy… I highly recommend.

Nwaneri Calista

Tenant from February 2024 - Current

I love the house and and my room so clean and tidy all thanks to Ellie and Kiara for the lovely welcome ♥

Queen Mujuru

Tenant from February 2024 - Current

I moved in from overseas and they were incredibly supportive and efficient. I particularly liked their responsiveness and understanding of a newcomer in the UK. They guided me through every step and were always available to promptly answer any questions.

Tania Lasrado

Tenant from January 2024 - Current

Actually the easiest move I’ve had. Good communication throughout, responsive and don’t rely on emails or phone calls which made my life much easier!

Rebecca Tracey Rose

Tenant from January 2024 - Current

Great and fast process on moving in. Friendly team, always keep you posting.

Fely K

Tenant from November 2023 - Current

LEA managed our property professionally and were quick to deal with any issues that arose during our ownership. Always helpful when something was needed and kept the property in great condition.

Daniel Hearne

Landlord from October 2020 - October 2023

A brilliant HMO agent that really cares about customer service. They look after their tenants just as well as they do their clients. Contentious in the way they do business, would highly recommend.

Nathan O’Prey

LEA is more than just a management company. They provide invaluable local knowledge, advice on space planning and tenant experience and are proactive in all aspects of management. They are approachable and accessible at all times. It’s reassuring as a landlord and investor to place your asset in their very capable hands. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LEA to other landlords.

Aiveen Edgson

Landlady from March 2023

Thorough explanation of facilities and have been friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

Dan Copeman

October 2023 - January 2024

Excellent hospitality everyone I dealt with for. The firm was absolutely kind, helpful & understanding on the day of my move in the place was kept very clean staff was all respectful &helpful would definitely recommend.

Shae Guthrie

Tenant from August 2023 - Current

Smooth tenant onboarding.

Payel Roy

Tenant from August 2023 - Current

Extremely good customer, prompt payment and uses local businesses. Thank you for supporting a family run business.

Chris Addison


Very helpful and quick to respond.
Thank you.

Jamie Bowdidge

Tenant from August 2023 - Current

I moved in from overseas and they made the process seamless and efficient. Particularly impressive is their availability, promptness of response, willingness to listen, reach a compromise and proffer solutions.

They also take great care in maintaining the property. Would 100% recommend.


Tenant from July 2023 - Current

The people at LEA are super nice and caring and so easy to talk to. They are more than happy to answer all questions and if needing help they will happily assist. The credit ladder platform they use is very easy to navigate. They ensure the property is up to spec and give you a thorough walk through, from where the fuse box is all the way to where the Wi-Fi is (and help you find the password).
10/10 best agents I’ve been with by far.

kaylee sherman

Tenant from August 2023 - Current

We saved so much time & money going with LEA Property as Director Lucy held our hands through the process from the minute we reached out to her when we started on this journey. We reached out to her before we even bought the property and she guided us on everything including finding the right property, connecting us with trusted traders who were cheaper and more efficient than other vendors and most importantly understood the building requirements for HMOs, she advised us on decoration, applied for the licence on our behalf and gave us her time, regularly visiting to check on the build and process. She guided us on pricing and filled the entire 6 rooms within 3 weeks! Now we have a WhatsApp group for quick communication and get a monthly email with finance breakdown- her team are quick to fix things for tenants like repairs. Can’t recommend her and the LEA team highly enough – LEA know the HMO market inside out, where to save money and where to maximize profits – they keep up-to-date with all the changes to HMO laws so you know if you go with her you are doing everything above board.

Serhan Perincek


Simply the best and the only one really knowing how to manage HMO’s in Ipswich area, all issues are dealt with properly and quickly. Especially for those looking to run “hands off” business – it’s the place to go.

Mariusz Sawicki


I recently moved into a new property with LEA and they were fantastic. The whole process was very smooth and stress free. Lucy was very professional and was always available to answer my questions. They also helped me sign up to credit ladder which enables me to track my rental payments and build my credit score. Highly recommended agent. I would definitely use them again in the future.

Matthew Hobbs-Hurrell

Tenant from July 2023 - Current

Physical appearance as seen online.
Nice staff, nice home.

Abowine John Baptist

Tenant from July 2023 - Current

Lea property is very swift with their application. Always ready to help They have beautiful houses that would make u feel comfortable .Am happy I got my house from them . I would recommend anytime

Adebusoye Oluwabukola

Tenant from May 2023- Current

LEA Property team are really good at what they do. The team are there to support and guard you with every step you take In the process of moving in. They are all very professional, approachale and accessable just a chat or call away. Also they give you what they show you and make you feel at home.

Princess Deborah Obe

Tenant from June 2023- Current

Highly recommend this agent !!!
Very nice and professional
Always keep the house in a good situation
I rent room twice with them


Tenant from June 2023- Current

Excellent service 😊Would recommend to anyone looking to rent.The team is professional and you feel always welcome.

Lazar Annamaria

Tenant from April 2023- Current

First time using an independent letting agent for a room. And I can honestly say they are absolutely brilliant!! Everything went smoothly from viewing the room to the paperwork. They were just so helpful and professional. I like the fact that I can improve my credit by using creditladder to pay my rent. Can report any issues or problems on WhatsApp group or on COHO.
The staff and team are amazing!!
Many Thanks,

Shomal Miah

Tenant from April 2023- Current

Super helpful team who are very prompt with replying to you on WhatsApp to get you moved in as smoothly as possible. Laura was super nice and efficient

Jack Firth

Tenant from April 2023- Current

They provide brilliant service. LEA manages the property I live in, and they do a stellar job responding to our maintenance issues. They are always quick with their communications and incredibly supportive.

They’re also very methodical with new tenants. The whole process of moving into one of their properties is very easy.

Renga Prasad

Tenant from April 2023- Current

Skye is both friendly and professional. She made a dreaded move in and out procedure enjoyable.


Tenant from April 2023- Current

I would like to personally thank everyone at LEA for managing my HMO properties.
They have a proactive hands on approach which allows me to be a hands off investor.
The team are extremely creative especially when it comes to updating the bedrooms and shared living spaces.

This enables us to give our tenants a better quality of living and a place where they can enjoy and feel comfortable living in.
We are then able to charge more for our properties as the living standards are so much better.A win win situation for both myself and our tenants.

Thank you Team Lea,
keep up the good work.

Dale Guiler


Skye and the rest of the team have been wonderful, answered all my questions, ensured the move was as swift as possible – would definitely recommend LEA property to any young professional moving into the area and looking for a safe and good place to live!

Louise Cendana

Tenant from February 2023- Current

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucy and the LEA Team for last couple of years on a professional basis.
We have undertaken various full property renovations, often turning desired properties into HMOs of a high standard, and also completing some maintenance works on their current stock.

I have to say its been a real surprise for us as a team to see a company who really does care about the standard of living they are providing for their tenants and who provide a no nonsense approach to us, their landlords and tenants.
Sadly we often come across rogue landlords and agents who ignore the tenants once they have their rent agreed and do not maintain the properties. Not with LEA, when there have been any snagging issues or general maintenance, they are on it straight away and keep their tenants homes in good order.

It’s been a great relationship to date and we are looking forward to the future projects where we can work together. #teamLEA

AI Robertson


Really amazing experience. The girls were so helpful and always very quick to respond.
I have ended up with my dream room & I’m over the moon.
Would recommend to anyone looking to rent.

Ellie Oxley-Randall

Tenant from February 2023 - Current

Extremely supportive through the process. I definitely felt more at ease moving and settling in the property with regular and active communication with members from LEA!

Xawa warfa

Tenant from January 2023 - Current

Very lovely place to stay
Nice house mates too and I’m enjoying my new environment

Vida Wullimega

Tenant from January 2023 - Current

I have had the pleasure of working with the team at LEA Property for the best part of 2022 for both project management and property management services. The team have been fantastic in their support to say the least. They are all very easy to approach, extremely accessible and professional.

They have been in the industry for an extremely long time and certainly know what they are doing, with well established processes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to any investors looking for hassle free property management.

Natasha B. Mistry

Landlady from January 2023

Very good team, ease to communicate with, responsive and property is very well looked after by them.

I’m rating it at 4 stars because of ongoing issue with washing machines from before myself moving in and since moving in now for over month and a half which is rather inconvenient in the house of 6 people (partly unresolved because of the landlord).

Would highly recommend overall 🙂

Emil Fidler

Tenant from November 2022 - Current

Great and prompt service so far in the whole process. Place was also exactly as depicted in pictures and video which was very reassuring.

Visistaa Suresh

Tenant from October 2022 - Current

Fast and professional service. A very nice and helpful agent. If you are unsure about something, they will explain and help you immediately. The apartment is clean and tidy. I recommend


Tenant from November 2022 - Current

Nice timeline and professional.

Chakkula Prashanth

Tenant from October 2022 - Current

Am loving the place already the colors are my favorite and the only challenge I have is the wifi situation and I hope it’s fixed on time thank you

Timmy Lawal

Tenant from October 2022 - Current

Extremely polite helpful and friendly agents. Answered all questions honestly and promptly. Extremely efficient :usually moving into a new property is a stressful process , but they made it simple 🙂

Mains 24

Tenant from October 2022 - Current

After viewing this beautiful house I had moved in within 8 days. The whole process was fast and super efficient with frequent communications via WhatsApp from polite and friendly members of the LEA team. The house has been refurbished to a very high standard and I am very happy to be in it. Thanks LEA!

helen duffy

Tenant from September 2022 - Current

Best agency you can work with, I love their apartments always modern and on point. Looking forward to keep doing business with you.

La Coupe

Very responsive and helpful! The whole process was a breeze, and for a person with attention and procrastination problems I enjoyed the attentiveness of the company’s team.

Borislava Gacheva

Tenant from August 2022 - February 2023

Professional and friendly service,

Samantha Jardine

Tenant from September 2022 - Current

I highly recommend LEA Property Solutions as it was a smooth process to accomodate me into the property. Jasmin was very friendly and settled me into the property 🙂

Maks Miketa

Tenant from September 2022 - Current

Had a very nice experience getting information from the company and was able to view the house before moving in. All colleagues were helpful and also helped me with anything I needed.

Only trouble I had was when signing my tenancy the rent payment where not correct but once notified they quickly changed that.

Jade Cooper

Tenant from September 2022 - Current

Great guidance and procedures. Easy to complete the process. accommodation is spacious for a shared property.


Tenant from August 2022 - December 2022

The Staff member that showed me around my new home was called Skye. Very lovely lady and very professional. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable!! LEA property solutions are a very professional company!!!
Very happy with my experience:)

Sian Partridge

Tenant from August 2022 - Current

Outstanding service from all personal at LEA.
From the first minute, the team were eager to assist in a smooth transition. Personally, I had a few issues gaining references etc. However, the girls were brilliant in tracking this down, ensuring we achieved the move-in date. They all went above and beyond to help me. Thank you 😊

Louis Adderley

Tenant from June 2022 - January 2023

Agency is absolutely brilliant! Supported me all the way through my application process, despite few obstacles with my references along the way. Lea Property responded to my WhatsApp messages straight away, communication was and still is amazing! The room itself is a heaven on earth. 🙂Peaceful, clean, modern, shared with respectful tenants. When I close the door, I can finally say “I am back home”. To recharge and enjoy life! Thank you Lea👌


Tenant from June 2022 - Current

The viewing process was very simple and effective. I was able to view the property the next day either online or in person which offered lots of flexibility. After the viewing process I was able to select my ideal room and provide parking preferences to which I was notified the next day if this had been successful! After that, LEA property solutions stayed in contact and answered all my questions and supported me with move. They provided helpful tools in order to boost and continue helping my credit score as my tenancy continues with them. With regards to the after move support; management have been nothing more that helpful and courteous whilst attending the scene effectively in order to rectify any issues their tenants may encounter.
They are a lovely team and continue to both impressed and support myself and my housemates on a day to day basis.

Lindsey mason

Tenant from May 2022 - Current

Great experience, very friendly staff! Would 100% recommend

Megan Brewer

Tenant from August 2021 - April 2022

The room is well organized. Here is quiet and near bus stop


Tenant from March 2022 - December 2022

Totally professional, friendly and reliable HMO specialist letting agents. The LEA team knows what they are doing and I have total confidence that they have a handle on everything to do with the day to day operations of my properties.

Jason Butler

Landlord from January 2022

As a young professional just starting their career, it can be very daunting having to relocate and find accommodation, however, the team at LEA Property Solutions were professional, cooperative, and friendly through the renting process, easing my nerves of having to relocate. The communication has been clear, fast and helpful throughout, clearing up any questions I had (which was important as I was moving from a large distance away) I’ve settled in very quickly here and the property is to a high standard. Overall, great experience!


Tenant from March 2022 - Current

Really good communication skills & get things done real quick! Been living in one of the properties they run for over a month and had not issues or problems.

Arran Straugheir

Tenant from February 2022 - June 2022

For the first day Lea Property family helped me with everything and they made me fell like I was one of they family members. I appreciate the way they work and how organised they are.

Hermizia Lima

Tenant from April 2022 - Current

Lucy and her team at Lea Property Solutions have been managing 2 HMO investment properties on behalf of an overseas investor client since late 2021. Their thorough approach, level of communication and attention to detail has allowed a completely stress free process for the first time investor. As the investor’s representative in the U.K. I can absolutely recommend the services of Lea Property Solutions and have no hesitation in endorsing them to anyone looking for a top class lettings/ managing agent in the Ipswich region.

Lindsey Orr

Premier Electrical (Ipswich) Ltd have worked along side LEA PROPERTY SOLUTIONS LTD for some time now and admire their professional and efficient approach. A well organised company with friendly and helpful staff. Recommend company to deal with.

Dean Henry

It’s hard to see Property Management Agencies that are this professional. I was really impressed with their Customer service and professionalism. They pay attention to details in decorating their accommodations. And I noticed how neat their accommodations are.

I spoke with one of their staffs, Skye, very professional and soft spoken as well. I look forward to securing an with them..

Ojeme Igidigba

Tenant from January 2022 - November 2022

Fantastic service and Lucy is very professional in everything she does. Highly recommended

Alun Jones

I have found Lucy and her team invaluable for service & attention to detail.
As an example we had an insurance claim for a leak in the bathroom & the property had to be vacated while work was carried out. Lucy’s team arranged for tenants to be relocated & handled insurance claim on my behalf.
A very satisfactory outcome.
I have no hesitation in recommending LEA property Solutions.

Mike Young

My experience with LEA property solutions LTD has been superb, the communication has been fast and helpful throughout the whole process of renting a room from them. The staff I have met have been friendly and welcoming and I would highly recommend the agency to anyone looking for a room.

Jake Z

Tenant from January 2022 - current

I found some of the properties represented by LEA on SpareRoom and I can honestly say that they are trustworthy. All their adverted rooms look exactly as described, very well looked after and their decent prices range reflects very well what they offer. I am very pleased with how my renting process had developed. The agents are very nice people and helpful during the process. They made me feel really valued as tenant while preparing my application.
The most important thing that I notice at LEA properties compared to others I had seen before is the fact that the rooms are prepared with very much attention to details. Thus, You will find in the room exactly what you need to feel like home. This is a big thing for someone living in a shared house.

Ioana Mirela Sala

Tenant from January 2022 - current

I recommend these agents to someone who asked for some help regarding accommodation. I personally know the proprietors of LEA Property Solutions and have great respect for them. They actually care and maintain high standards.

Alan Willis

The team at LEA Property have been fantastic all the way through the process from the initial viewing right up to moving in (and so far, beyond). Everyone I’ve spoken to online has been really lovely and very professional, and the two agents I met in person, Simon and Skye, were brilliant, knew loads about the property and did a lot to put me at my ease as it was my first time renting. It’s a beautiful house, and I’ve settled in very quickly here, even having moved all the way down from the Midlands! I suspect that’s partly to do with how easy the renting process was.
The agency also offer some useful protections – the initial deposit is kept in a protection scheme until it comes time to claim it back, and there is a CreditLadder scheme which keeps track of rent payments to help build credit, which is very useful for renting in the future.
Overall, a great experience 🙂

Megan Hermolle

Tenant from February 2022 - current

Great experience with LEA. No issues in a 6 month tenancy & very easy to communicate with agents at all times.

Emilia Cobbold

Tenant from August 2021 - February 2022

Friendly, professional company. Quick to respond to messages and sort out issues, even outside office hours. Always kept up to date with what’s going on with the house and if anyone is scheduled to visit the property. Overall great service.


Tenant from July 2021 - current

The first time I moved out and away from my family home was to the house share I am currently living in, LEA property’s thoroughly explained the process and ensured everything went smoothly from start to finish. They honestly provide the best customer service, they are all super friendly and very approachable! The house is at a very high standard, lovely place to live. Would highly recommend!

Jasmine Baker

Tenant from April 2021 - current

Quite friendly and professional. Quick to respond and address any concerns. I’m happy.

Steve Arum

Tenancy from October 2021 - current

Super professional and so friendly. A viewing of the property was really easy to organise and I was able to book one very quickly. Once I had decided to put down a deposit it was a really easy process. Couldn’t have asked for more – always quick at replying to any queries I had. The credit platform is a great idea, especially saving to eventually buy a property. Thank you!

Megan Groome

Tenant from October 2021 - current

Excellent place to work, have worked for Lea for 4-5 year always professional, always accommodating, excellent communication nothing is ever a problem. I would highly recommend.

Nicola Shiner

I have been working with LEA as a cleaner for over a year now. They are a very professional and friendly company who value their staff and tenants. Any queries I have are answered almost straight away and dealt with. The house shares are of a high standard.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a new house share or work.

Selina Wright

It has been great meeting the team! Since moving into the property everything has been as expected, very good communication and any issues are resolved quickly and professionally, definitely the best agency I have been with so far, highly recommend!

Emilia Kos

Tenant from September 2021 - current

Professional and pleasant, overall very satisfied.

Laila Melyssa

Tenant from October 2021 - current

The property I moved into was 100% what I expected, they took time showing me round the property and it was clear that the place was well looked after and they cared for the house, the property was clean and they told me everything I needed to know to make me feel more confident when moving, would for sure recommend renting from their properties. They are very professional!

Louise Sidney

Tenant from September 2021 - current

The team at LEA Property Solutions have managed my properties for the last 13 years. They provide a comprehensive and exemplary service in all aspects including the selection and vetting of tenants, actively monitoring and maintaining the houses and regularly providing written reports and figures. Any concerns of mine or my tenants are dealt with promptly and conscientiously. This has made the experience of being a landlord very simple and pleasant. My thanks go to Lucy, Laura and all of you.

Annette Phasey

Could not recommend these guys enough! Everyone on the team was lovely and kind but also really patient and understanding when unforeseen issues arose. Communication was kept clear as well which made things easier to handle.
I have only just signed with them but have already had a much better experience than my previous house share, they are a really professional and reliable team. A huge thank you to them – particularly to Simon and Emma who handled the visit and move in appointment and made me feel at ease even though I was hopping around in crutches.

Eva Penot

Tenant from August 2021 - current

All the staff were super nice and kind in helping out! One good thing is, is they will do a whole check with you on the day when you get the keys and you still have time to report any issues after moving in within the time given! Moved into different houses with different agencies and this is the best one I’ve experienced!
One more important thing is that I’m an international student studying in the UK so it will be even harder and the process will be more complicated but everything is done smoothly and on time!
Once again! Great job and services to everyone in Lea Property Solutions!

Siew Yu Ting

Tenant from July 2021 - current

Lea Property Solutions Ltd have been managing my rental property for twelve years and I have been extremely happy with the service provided. Lucy Lea and her capable team are very experienced in all areas of property management. I am kept fully aware of any problems that arise and a monthly report is sent out regularly keeping me informed of maintenance issues.

Susan Kennedy

All of the staff at LEA are amazing and have been absolutely lovely. I’m sad to no longer have them be my agents. Absolutely everything about them are professional and kind. Honestly the best HMO agents.

Millie Wiggins

Tenant from October 2019 - July 2021

All I’m gonna say is thank god I found this place. It was so perfect for me. I’ve lived here for 2 years and it was the best 2 years, the people here are friendly, and the letting agents are super kind and helpful. Anything that needed sorting in the house, they would sort it ASAP. And Ps Laura Plumb thank you so much for looking after me in that house. if I needed help or if I had questions. You was they and thank you. It goes for the rest of the “letting agents” thank you so much!

Callum Chilcott

Tenant from January 2019 - July 2021

I stayed in one of the properties manages by LEA Property Solutions and they were always responsive to any queries and helpful. I used to call in out of hours for emergency and they had helped me immediately and that’s impressive.

Boopathi Sarvesan

Tenant from February 2020 - June 2021

Lucy and the team were extremely helpful and thoughtful. They helped me to move within a few days running all the checks very efficiently. Fantastic service!

Elliot Blackman

Tenant from April 2021 - current

The business is amazing and a virtual viewing was available to see when I enquired about a place I was interested in, the room was as soon on the pictures and video, and they help to build your credit score through the payment of rent!

Caitlyn Billington

Tenant from July 2021 - current

I rented out a room from LEA Property Solutions during a placement year in Ipswich. The room I rented was very clean and the communal areas were also tidy. The communication from tenants to the relevant people was very efficient, with any issues being fixed very quickly where possible. I’d thoroughly recommend LEA Property Solutions to anyone looking to rent somewhere within Ipswich and the surrounding areas!

Rob Nicholas

Tenant from August 2020 - April 2021

Great service, very friendly staff and very helpful with any problems or queries. Definitely recommend.

Ellie Mellotte

Tenant from July 2021 - current

The whole team at LEA are professional, hard working and very well mannered individuals! Every time there had been any inconvenience, they were reassuring, optimistic and happy to help even in such minor cases. The property In which I rented is a clean, organised and very well managed property! These guys work extremely hard to give everyone a good homely experience in house shares under their management! As this was my first time renting a property, I will add that I had been taught a lot and all members of the team at LEA were always willing to give a comforting hand in guidance and always responsive!
Would 100% Recommend to anyone who has any doubts about renting a House share or looking for a place to start as these guys will definitely put you at ease and help you through anything you could possibly need! Thanks to everyone from the office, and all the best you guys have been amazing!
Thanks again

Callum Glascock

Tenant from June 2020- June 2021

I have had a very positive experience with LEA Properties, I have been in one of their properties for a week and I have been very happy. I moved into a property in a very weird time in the world of Corona Virus, but I was made to feel very comfortable and the whole process from the start to moving in was very well executed.


Tenant from January 2021 - current

Really helpful and friendly staff, great properties and of a high standard too 👍🏼


Absolutely lovely people, always very helpful! 🙂

Iwona Jeszka

Tenant from October 2018 - current