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Westerfield Business Centre, Main Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP6 9AB


The whole team at LEA are professional, hard working and very well mannered individuals! Every time there had been any inconvenience, they were reassuring, optimistic and happy to help even in such minor cases. The property In which I rented is a clean, organised and very well managed property! These guys work extremely hard to give everyone a good homely experience in house shares under their management! As this was my first time renting a property, I will add that I had been taught a lot and all members of the team at Lea were always willing to give a comforting hand in guidance and always responsive!

Would 100% Recommend to anyone who has any doubts about renting a Houseshare or looking for a place to start as these guys will definitely put you at ease and help you through anything you could possibly need! Thanks to everyone from the office, and all the best you guys have been amazing!

Thanks again