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Phillip Killen

I moved into my home in February of 2016 and my first surprise was how impressed I was at the cleanliness and how homely the place felt. Lucy, Laura, and the team bring their own style to the homes they rent and have very high standards when it comes to the safety and wellbeing of their tenants. Plus, to have a regular cleaner come in each week to give the communal areas a clean is wonderful although as a household we try keep it clean ourselves and although various housemates have come and gone this last five years, I still consider them all friends and enjoyed the time they were here.

LEA try give you the freedom a lot of property agents do not but are always available if anything breaks or goes wrong. From something trivial like the toaster breaking to a major issue of a boiler breaking. Both were replaced very quickly. I have heard bad reports from other tenants about their experiences at other locations and agencies, but I feel lucky to have found a place I call home and to feel secure at the way LEA look after it.

Thank you.