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Student Application Form

    Part of your application to rent a room with us is to download Whatsapp for the fire register. We also require you to download the COHO app. Both are free of charge. We need all our tenants to communicate with us in this way.

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    Please state the Bedroom number you are applying for*:

    Holding fee payable for this property:

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    You MUST email us (a photo is fine) a COLOUR copy of your passport/ID at the same time you pay your deposit. The original must then be presented to us in person on the day you move in so we can verify the emailed document. These are in line with mandatory ‘Right to rent’ checks.

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    Moving in date*:(please note if this date is a Saturday (we are closed Sundays) then a £30 fee is applicable however this fee can be avoided if the move in is Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm as there is no charge for these appointments)

    We will aim to move you into the property on the above date you have specified. It is this date when we will ask you to pay your first month’s rent. This move in date is when the landlord will be expecting you to pay rent from. If this move in date is delayed for any reason due to references not being received or you not being able to arrange travel for example, then we will still require the rent payment to be made on this date and your contract will start from this date. Please tick to show you have read and understood this statement:

    Name of University you are studying at*:

    Please send us proof of this by way of offer letter or such like.

    Name of course you are studying*:

    Do you/will you have a student loan in place to pay your accommodation costs?

    Please note we will require proof of your student loan payments and the dates so your rent payments for your contract can be generated.

    Please state if you would like to opt IN or OUT of the friendship scheme (Click here for information)

    Where did you see the room advertised?*
    Do you have any criminal convictions?*
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    Current address including postcode*:
    Do you have any medical conditions that you think WE/YOUR HOUSEMATES (please highlight your preference) should know about?*
    If yes,what are the Medical Condition(s):
    PLEASE NOTE: On the PIT (deposit protection form) they require a UK alternative address where they can write to you at the end of your tenancy if they need to get a hold of you to return deposit monies but you do not respond to phone or email. We will use your next of kin address by default or if this is not a UK address then we will use your work address. Please provide an alternative address for this form if you do not wish us to use your next of kin or work address.

    Next of Kin/Alternative contact for emergencies.*

    Name of person:

    Your relationship with them*:

    Email address:
    Two telephone numbers we can contact them on*:

    Vehicle Details

    If you own/use a vehicle then please complete the following:


    Car registration:

    Reference Details

    Your prospective landlord requires a previous landlord reference from you (where you stayed in your first year at University) and a UK based guarantor;
    1. A UK based guarantor who will make your rent payments on your behalf if you fall in to arrears at any point during your contract. This person will need to earn enough to support both themselves and you. Please note that if you don’t know anyone you can ask to be your guarantor then please CLICK HERE for more information on our website on Housing Hand who are a company that can be your guarantor for you.
    2. Previous landlord reference as proof you are a good tenant who makes rent payments on time and is not in any rent arrears.

    Guarantor Details

    Name of proposed guarantor*:

    Guarantor's email address*:

    Relationship with this person*:

    Date of Birth of proposed guarantor:*:

    Address of proposed guarantor*:

    Is the proposed guarantor a homeowner or do they rent their property?*:

    Has the proposed guarentor ever been in arrears with your mortgage or rent?*:

    Occupation of proposed guarantor*:

    Start date of employment with current employer*:

    The proposed guarantors salary*:

    Proposed guarantor employers name and address*:

    Do you have any Adverse Credit History? (e.g. CCJ, IVA, bankruptcy etc)*:

    Do you have a Criminal Record?*:

    Is there any reason the person you are agreeing to be guarantor for would not be a suitable tenant for this HMO (shared living) property?*:

    Landlord Reference details (minimum 12 months history required):

    Landlord/Agent name*:
    Their email address*:
    (you must provide us with an email address to enable us to get your reference in writing)
    Their contact telephone number*:
    Address of property rented*:
    Dates property was rented by you*:
    Second Landlord Reference details (if first reference given was lived at for less than 12 months):
    Landlord/Agent name:
    Their email address:
    (you must provide us with an email address to enable us to get your reference in writing)
    Their contact telephone number:
    Address of property rented:
    Dates property was rented by you:

    Please acknowledge that you have read the following documents as your tenancy application cannot proceed otherwise.

    Finally before you submit your application form, please click here here to view a guide of your tenancy agreement (ASTA) that you will be asked to sign on the day you move in.

    If you do not have a passport and need to know what other acceptable documents you can submit, please click here read our Other acceptable ID documents information (Click here to read)
    Please acknowledge you have read our Holding Fee Information (Click here for information)
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    Please acknowledge you have read our Fair Processing Notice (Click here for information)
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    Please acknowledge you have read our How to rent guide (Click here to read)
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    Please acknowledge you have read our About Ormonde House Document (Click here to read)
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    Please acknowledge you have read our Ormonde House Rules document (Click here to read)
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    Please acknowledge you have read our Ormonde House CCTV Policy document (Click here to read)
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